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Midas.X.Blockchain™ represents the forefront of the next generation blockchain platforms. Enter the Golden Age.

Let’s tokenise
the future of web 3.0

Join the Midas community and get an early investing opportunity in the first liquid staking protocol on Multivers X. We have two years of innovating DeFi under our belt, the first Dex build exclusively on liquid Staking, physical gold & silver tokenisation and an upcoming first Bitcoin liquid staking. We’re all about transforming the crypto world and that’s what makes us the ideal partner for you.

Cutting-Edge blockchain infrastructure

Sustainability is ensured through MultiversX, an advanced blockchain infrastructure that successfully tackles the blockchain trilemma - overcoming challenges in scalability, security, and decentralization on operations in the blockchain ecosystem.

Efficient Code Language

MidasXBlockchain a sovereign shard on MultiversX, utilizes the Rust language for smart contract development, strengths in memory safety, concurrency support, and strong typing that meet the high standards demanded in blockchain technology.

Innovative tokenomics

We are revolutionizing operations by using meticulously crafted cutting-edge token economics. This visionary approach aims to reshape conventional financial paradigms, propelling a worldwide transition to more inclusive, sustainable, and efficient economic systems.

Reviving the Gold Standard

MidasXBlockchain efficiently revives gold, offering exclusive rewards and incentives tied to its new theme. It encompasses rewards for liquidity providers, blockchain ownership NFTs, backed by physical gold.

vBTC as a Pool Token on the VestaX.Finance™️ DEX

vBTC will be used as Pool Token on the VestaXFinance™️ DEX, together with vEGLD, OURO and USDC, named vBTC-OURO pool (vBTC based). These Pools will have the following Fee Split from a total of 1.5%, collected in vBTC.


To liquidity providers


To Demiourgos.Holdings™️


To bitcoin buyback (expanding the LBI™️)


To gsc buyback


The MidasXBlockchain will embark on the tokenization journey via the Star NFT System, an expansive collection consisting of 11,100 NFTs.

These NFTs assume multifaceted roles that link them to a form of ownership within the blockchain ecosystem.


Gold Star nfts


silver star nfts


bronze star nfts

Seed Round

(USD$ 6,000,000.00 for 20% Financial Ownership - 50% Price)

Work Description

Public, Private, Seed NFTs Fractional Units (USD)

In total, 90% of the financial ownership of the MidasXBlockchain will be offered for sale for a total of USD$ 43.5 million. The pricing strategy will see the price per NFT increase first 1.50x times, then 1.33x times compared to the previous round, providing potential for substantial returns.

The NFTs sale will be executed using 1,000 fractional units per NFT. This allows buyers to acquire smaller portions of NFTs, as tiny as 1/1000th of a Full NFT.

Work Description
Work Description

Financial Ownership through Star NFTs

These NFTs will serve as the key requirement to create MidasXBlockchain Validators on the MultiversX Sovereign Chain.
The requirements to open validators will be:

Work Description

Validator Collateral: 2.5 Elite-Auryn recycled in case of bad behaviour. VALIDATOR REWARDS are generated by validators will be collected in OURO, AURYN and Elite-Auryn Tokens. The following OURO daily emission split will be used in MidasXBlockchain:


from the daily OURO Emission goes to all online Validators, regardless if they are validating in the current epoch, and will be earned as OURO.


of the Daily Ouroboros Emission, the remaining part, will be used in the standard Ouroboros Split.


from all cumulated Gas Fees, goes to present Epoch Validators. Earned as OURO, AURYN, and Elite-AURYN.



With the start of each Reward Season, 10% of the precious metals rewarded for that season will be directly injected as rewards to NFT/SFTs Owners. Full Star NFTs, as well as Star Fragment SFTs, qualify, regardless of whether they are part of a validating Validator or not.

For example, if 100 KGs of Gold and 1000 KGs of Silver are set as reward for a given Season, 10 KGs of Gold and 100 KGs will be injected directly as rewards for NFT Owners.


The distribution of the daily cumulated Gas Fees will happen as follows:

69% will be distributed to the Validators that are online and are validating for the Epoch. Therefore, Star NFTs that are not part of an online validator, will not have the opportunity to earn Gas fees.

21% will be distributed using the OURO Pie Distribution.

10% will be distributed to the Coding.Division™️ Pot.


2023, Q4

  • 21st of Oct 2023 - Sovereign Shard Technology announced on XDay
  • 1st of Nov 2023 - Genesis Smart Contract for MidasXBlockchain development
  • 15th of Nov 2023 - Testnet with validators on EGLD and Midas Genesis Sovereign starts
  • 1st of Dec 2023 - ESDT addition on Sovereign Validators in development by MultiversX team
  • 20-25th of Dec 2023 - Midas Seed Validators with 50% discount mint: STAR NFTs Validators ownership sale starts on MultiversX for MidasXSovereign Blockchain
Work Description

2024, Q1

  • $OURO gas fee implemented as gas token
  • First testnet run
  • Vesta.Dex, Estar Games, Playpearls & more dApps added on testnet for MidasXBlockchain with Ouro Validators
  • 2024, Q2

  • Mainnet release, together with dApps launched on testnet Franchising of MidasX begins
  • 2024, Q3

  • Private Round for MidasX Validators Begins with 25% discount
  • STAR NFTs Validators ownership sale starts on MultiversX for MidasX Sovereign Blockchain
  • 2024, Q4

  • Ecosystem growth
  • First Franchises of Midas Sovereign deployed
  • Final Public Round for last Midas Validators live.

  • * This roadmap serves as a blueprint for deliverables and is subject to adjustments based on market dynamics and technological advancements.


    [email protected]
    SC Demiourgos Holdings SA, strada Armeneasca NR 23, camera 14, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania